Monday, February 7, 2011

Cameron's Birthday

Cameron's birthday was on Saturday. It turned out that Ryan Bingham was playing in LA the same night. Cameron loves his music & Crazy Heart is his favorite movie. Cameron's parents graciously took the kids after coming out for dinner at Lucky Baldwin's here in Pasadena.
 Despite "THE GREAT SHOWER DOOR EXPLOSION OF 2011" and me being full of glass slivers, we headed out to the show. I wasn't going to ruin Cameron's birthday! El Rey Theater is beautiful, it's an art deco style, first-run movie theater from the 1930s. It's the perfect sized venue, you had a great view from every angle and it was small enough for the show to seem intimate. When we got in line on Wilshire, I was surprised to see such a wide range of concert goers. We had cowboys in hats and wranglers, hipsters, pot heads (I smelled them more so once we were in the concert), an elderly couple (that's them in the picture above)and even a few kids.
The opening act, The Silent Comedy was great. It's a bit of relief when you like the opening act. I've sat through some horrible musicians just to see someone I like. They were fun and excited to be there. One of the guys, harmonica in hand, scaled some of the scaffolding and played his harmonica like nobody's business. Ryan Bingham came out to cheers and applause. His voice is incredible. He's only 30, but his voice sounds like he's 50 and lived a rough life. It's beautiful though. If you haven't heard his music, do yourself a favor, take a listen.
 I was glad to have my cowgirl boots at a cowboy show. They looked good while I tapped my toes. I must say that hearing "Weary Kind" played live was moving. It's a gorgeous piece of music. After the encore, we stopped in at the Denny's right by the Wiltern. I have not been to a Denny's in forever! That is sort of an unspoken rule, you have to stop at Denny's or In-n-Out after a show.
 I had a great time, I hope Cameron did too. Perfect show for a wonderful husband.
P.S. There were lots of guys with beards there, but his was the best looking.  :)


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happy late birthday cameron!!

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