Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wild Parrots!

I'm pretty enthusiastic about this bit of Pasadena "life".  Meet the Pasadena Parrots!

These birds wake me up in the morning and let me know that evening has arrived. I try to get outside when I hear them coming. The kids shoot out into our stoop to see the "wild parrots". Our cat Gob has made it his special duty to keep a close eye on said parrots and do his cat chatter while they pass by.

I take delight in small little details that most people pass over. I was in the Vons' parking lot the other day when they made their nightly migration. No one else craned their necks to see them. They kept pushing their shopping carts. I looked like a five year old. They were so close this time! I could finally see their color!
You can blame my "bird fascination" on my parents. Our house on Second street had a HUGE living room window. My parents had an Audobon Society Bird-watching Handbook and a pair of binoculars. We would sit and watch birds in our trees, birds in the trees across the street and we even took the guide on vacation with us to look at birds. If you've never sat and watched a bird do it's thing, you should. It's relaxing.  Despite the cacophony of noise these parrots bring with them for a few minutes a day, they relax me.

Here are the links where I got the photos and you can read the "Legend" of the parrots:
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