Monday, January 24, 2011

First Disneyland Trip of the Year

 We went to Disneyland to get our passes updated. They extended our passes after I wrote a letter thanking them for the park's kindness when our stroller was stolen. We were surprised and thrilled! They even extended our parking which I wasn't expecting at all. Here's pictures from our day. Yes, I got a wheelchair, walking at Disneyland and kidney stones don't mix. After trying to maneuver that chair and seriously building my arm muscles, I have a ton more respect for people who have to use them. It's amazing how people on foot don't pay attention and how normal things like chairs and skinny hallways are obstacles. It was sort of like that day in 9th grade when you had to come to school with a "disability" to understand others better. I honestly learned a lesson!
 We had a blast, it's always nice to go all together on a Sunday evening. The weather was perfect and the crowds were small.
This is Mae's favorite ride. She named her horse "Belle." Josiah's horse was "Oswald".

Disneyland has "Family Fun Weekends" going on right now. This weekend it was western themed.  Mae was all about meeting characters, even Clara bell Cow. Josiah was about coloring and watching the dancers.

We took a very relaxing cruise on the Mark Twain.  

This is Oswald. He was Walt's creation before Mickey. He was lost in a bad deal, but the
Disney company acquired him back a couple of years ago.
Josiah loves him since discovering him.
Here's a couple pictures from Cameron's perspective. Mae was excited to see Daisy and Donald.
Josiah and I discuss the carousel. 

Here we are at Flynn's arcade. Josiah played a little Tron. 


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