Sunday, January 23, 2011

Date Day.

 Cameron and I had tickets to see Jeff Bridges on Craig Ferguson. It didn't turn out the way we wanted (we didn't get to see him due to stupid employees, but who am I to complain?), but the rest of the day was great. We ate at The Apple Pan & then had dinner at Lucky Baldwin's. Here's our pictures!

Cameron is excited for Apple Pan.

This is a burger from Apple Pan. 

They only take cash, obviously.

Soda cup.

The kitchen and prep area is all right in the middle of the counter.
My ice tea. 
Amazing apple pie. I was in love with the china. Turns out it's commercial grade Fiestaware. 

The sad drive back to Pasadena. That big glowing orb, that's the moon.

How to cheer yourself up after a lame TV show.

Meat Pie. My British roots are showing.

Cameron gets the Led out.


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