Thursday, December 6, 2012

Throwback Thursday: Not so long ago. Josiah's 6th Birthday.

Josiah requested an Epic Mickey birthday theme.
If you don't know what that is, it's a video game where you work with "long forgotten" Disney characters (Gremlin Gus anyone?) to restore order to a bizarro Disneyland known as Cartoon Wasteland. Epic Mickey was a major part of Disney reintroducing Walt Disney's creation Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. ABC basically traded Al Michaels (a sportscaster) for Oswald and other assets from Universal. You can read all about that if you so desire. It's a nice bit of Disney trivia. Well, if you haven't noticed- there isn't a ton of Oswald merchandise or party favors floating around. Yet. Disney California Adventure is slowly bringing it into the Buena Vista portion of the park. I predict that by next year there will be Epic Mickey-esque birthday party goodies for sale that include Oswald.

Really Cool story behind this image. It's found here, where
I grabbed the image from.
Anyway, we went all out Mickey & Oswald for his birthday.
I made vanilla cupcakes for his class that featured the most "famouse" (Initially this was a typo of famous- but I'm keeping it because it's appropriate) head shape on the planet using Oreos. We also visited The Happiest Place on Earth. 

It was appropriate that my future Imagineer (that's what he wants to be) turned six in the park on an iconic ride designed by a Disney legend.

Josiah chows down on his Mickey Mouse cupcake during
lunch at school.

After school we went to Disneyland.
Please ignore my insane husband's forehead.
Josiah loves Oswald the Lucky Rabbit.

Mae was thrilled.

The arcade in Tomorrowland looks better than it has in years!
They have a Wreck it Ralph walkthrough complete with vintage
games and Fix It Felix Jr.

We chose Small World as our last ride.

It was almost midnight. Cameron fell asleep. Mae yawns.

Josiah always likes to point out that they have a
Cowboy version of him on the ride.

Snapped at the very moment he turned six! 

Leaving the magic kingdom.

Good morning!! 

Since it was raining we opted for "Parent Hell" aka
Chuck E. Cheese's on a Saturday.
This is Mae's favorite ride there.

Happy Birthday boy.

Burbank in the rain.

Excited that he got comic books for his 6th birthday.
Cameron found Super Dinosaur. Check it out if you have a
kid who digs comics.

Mae dresses Oswald up.

Cameron's parents met us in Arcadia for a traditional Brewer
birthday dinner.
Here Josiah is embarrassed as the servers sing to him.

Happy Birthday to my Special Little Guy! I can't believe
he's already six.


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