Friday, November 30, 2012

A year in Josiah pictures.

In honor of his sixth- yes sixth, birthday- I wanted to share some of my favorite Josiah pics from the past year. 
They are in no particular order.

My little never-nude. 
Josiah plays farm boy.

Our official entry for Awkward Family Photos.

Right before this was taken, Josiah had watched "Homeward Bound" for the first time.

This boy loves his Dodgers.

This one may be my favorite of the whole year. Avengers was Josiah's perfect movie.

He has a passion for puzzles.

Not the tidiest eater. This was after ice cream at Disneyland.

We got memberships at the LACMA this year. Totally worth it.

At our neighborhood park, being Spider-Man.

We went to Disneyland with our friends Tabitha & Cody.
Josiah was pretty much their biggest fan.

Trapped at the old zoo.

Not thrilled about having to stay for a volunteer meeting at church.

Watching fireworks at Disneyland with Tilly who is the daughter of one of my best friends from Kindergarten.
Pretty sweet moment.

When Uncle Andy is around- we hang out on the shed to watch the farm animals next door.
Stoney comes along.

Checking out the view of Burbank/Studio City with Mo & Vi.

I told you he loves his Dodgers.

Behold! A pool in the apartment complex!

He's a little geeky.

During the eclipse. You can see a pinhole image of it in the upper corner.

Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

Silly boys.

Josiah at the LACMA.


Our friend Beckee runs a company called William & Penny. Sometimes they sell goodies at the
Silverlake Farmer's Market. Josiah loved this Polaroid.
He paid $3 and carried it around for a week.

4th of July shenanigans. 

Josiah shows that he has ancestral roots in Yucaipa.

His first day of Kindergarten.

He finally decided to like going to the beach.

His favorite character, Oswald is finally getting his dues at Disneyland. 

Josiah does a quick run for the MC with his old lady.
Aunt Toot works out with Siah.

Josiah & Bill at the Arc Light.

Dressed up and super handsome for the Sohl wedding.

First school picture.


Classic Batman.

Crazy hat day.


I mustache you a question.

Hot Pants!

First Guitar.

After the wind storm on his birthday last year, many trees were removed or cut down.
Here the kids stand on the stump of a tree that fell on a house.

LACMA makes for wonderful pictures.


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