Monday, June 11, 2012

Heirloom Tomato, Polaroid camera & Bricolage.

We visited Silverlake Farmer's Market this weekend. It's situated right off Sunset Boulevard in a  nice little triangle shaped set up. We parked our car carefully since we saw the little white parking enforcement cars slapping tickets on a few vehicles (God knows what parking sins these souls committed).  We headed into the hustle and bustle of the green polka dot street.

It was a gorgeous day! You can see the downtown skyline.

The kids requested fresh squeezed orange juice. We obliged and they were happy campers as we perused veggies, fruit and other goods. I was surprised by how much produce there was. We came home with a HUGE heirloom tomato. I promptly cut that sucker up and doused him in salt and pepper. I ate most of it and I was super full. I am craving another as I type.

That's a medium avocado next to it (also a market purchase) for size comparison. 

We also bought clementines, avocados, wax beans, eggplant, garlic, strawberries, blueberries, bok choy and plums. Everything is so tasty.

The main reason we came to Silverlake was to visit Bricolage at the Market.  It's a group of awesome people from our church who sell a variety of items. There are vintage baby clothes, ties, knick-knacks and art work from William and Penny. Super cute baby shoes from Potato Feet, fur headbands by Sarey (like I said, who DOESN'T need one! I think Mae does because it would be ridiculously cute), vintage clothes, shoes and hats. Did I mention there was a teepee?
There is a Wes Anderson movie in here somewhere.

Now, let me tell you the story of the magical polaroid camera. Josiah and Mae played in the teepee mostly. Then I showed Josiah an old Polaroid camera. He was instantly taken by it.
Here he documents Joe.

He "took pictures" of everyone there. I checked the price tag, $3? Yes please. The kid lugged that thing around his neck the rest of the day (and took it to church the next day). When I told him we needed film for it, he sweetly asked "What's film? Why do we need it?" Curse you the forward march of technology!

Cameron found a very Don Draper tie. Since he now works somewhere that is "business casual" he bought it. I'm excited to see what it looks like on him!
 There was a magical feeling about the whole experience. The simplicity of shopping locally, the chit chat with acquaintances  from church and supporting other friends from church. As much as I love coupon shopping at Target, nothing beats a personal experience like this one. We will be back for sure.


good+hardy said...

How fun! Sad story though: I have a collection of polaroid cameras (I might be a nerd), and I believe the film for that model is discontinued. You can get some film to fit from The Impossible Project, which is very cool, but pricey (I got some awhile back, and it was about $3 per picture). Again with the cursing of technology! Looks like he's having plenty of fun with it as is - adorable! Love reading about your LA adventures. :)

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