Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I headed into Anthropologie yesterday after a trip to the DMV. I had an Anthro gift card burning a hole in my pocket & knowing it was Tuesday a.k.a. "Mark Down" day, I kept my fingers crossed for a good find.
I've had amazing finds at Antho before:

- The dress I wore to see She & Him was originally in the $200 range. I paid $19.95.
-High-waist seersucker shorts: $9.95 (Not sure what their original price was)
- necklace: $9.95 (I think this was a $70 purchase originally)
-sweater: $9.95, priced $89.95. It is my FAVORITE sweater. Love it.
-blouse: $9.95. Not sure of retail price.
-skirt: $29.95, originally $99.95.
I also have different knobs on every cabinet door. I snagged each one for around $2-$3. Plus I used my birthday month discount on them. They typically retail for $6-$15.
I also have found other decor items marked down considerably. I got my sister a cute porcupine and men's soap for my brother for Christmas one year.  I'm sure they were both under $10.

 Yesterday I had my best Anthro day EVER!

I found one dress by Burlapp (The Blurred Shape dress, $168) on sale for $19.95. Well, that was the amount I had on my gift card. Then I found a dress by Maeve that I had my eye on since early this year. Obviously I wasn't going to plop down $148 for it. I would however pay $29.95 for it. ;)  I walked out of that store with 2 dresses for $30 out of pocket. They are beautiful, classic dresses. I wore the Blurred shape dress last night & felt incredible. It's a beautifully made dress. I can't wait to wear the Maeve on Sunday!

The Burlapp dress on the right, Maeve on the left. Cute, right??
It's taking time, but I feel like I'm building a cute and functional wardrobe by finding pieces on sale at Anthro. I also found a very fun website called Effortless Anthropologie. It's an incredibly thourough "fan blog" essentially of Anthropologie's goods. I've never been much of a "clothes hound" or worried about my style (as evidenced by my early high school years). Since we've moved out here I feel like I need to step up in my wardrobe! I have more inspiration here and I see so many beautiful outfits (especially at church, you kids dress beautifully! ;) ). I'm excited to add to my wardrobe. For the first time in my life, I'm having fun with clothes!

Have fun shopping!


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