Friday, March 11, 2011

The Most Epic of Pictures.

This would be Josiah six feet off the ground directing older kids about how to rock climb. 
He was also jumping while up there, which freaked the little boy out and he said "Don't jump while you're up here!" Josiah replied, "I know how to rock climb because I've been real rock climbing with my Dad-Dad Paul."
The other boy was surprised as Josiah made his way down the rock (professionally turning his feet sideways) and told me "Even I get down on my knees for this part!" I doubt that he expected a tiny 4 year old to upstage him on the playground. 
I must say that this picture is epic. Perfectly epic. Josiah's pose, the other children's faces, the sky, the trees, EVERYTHING.

Here is Josiah learning from my Dad this past July in the Alabama Hills.


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