Monday, March 28, 2011

27 years ago today, my Mom birthed me. Well done Mom. :)

Since today is my birthday, I thought I would make a blog entry about stuff I am really liking right now. It's just me and the kids today, Cameron gave me the whole weekend to do what  I wanted. Really the best gift, ever. He locked the kids out of my room and told me to text him whatever I needed. He made steaks, got a birthday cake & made sure to get pictures of the whole event. It was fantastic. I watched way too much Arrested Development (for the 900th time), Doctor Who (got a new disc in the mail)The Social Network (on the list), Eat Pray Love (about whiney rich lady "finding herself", it did make me extremely hungry for good food). On Sunday I was brought breakfast in bed. We went to church, I came back and went shopping by myself at Whole Foods & Sprouts. I came back and read the entire Sunday Paper in bed while listening to music. I even blogged some more of my Grandma Berry's journal (you can read that here.) I had a major bath with homemade sugar scrub (care of my Mom & sister), I put mint leaves in, read some Martha magazine and relaxed. All that to say that I have an AMAZING husband who loves me and is awesome at spoiling me.

Alright, here's my list of stuff that I love lately:

1. We watched The Social Network (over two evenings, I fell asleep on Saturday night). Excellent movie. I know quite a bit of it is fabricated for story's sake, it was still amazing. Go rent it!
2. Aussie "Three Minute Miracle" Leave in conditioner. Not only do I love what this stuff is doing for my hair, but I love what it's doing for the kid's hair. I got mine for free thanks to coupons!
3. Another free hair product, Herbal Essence Long Term relationship. You can use it in dry or wet hair and it helps treat split ends. I really dig the texture it gives my hair, too.
4. I bought a little "Early Girl"Tomato plant at Whole Foods yesterday. They were on sale for .99 cents. I couldn't pass it up. I miss my little garden.
5. FETA CHEESE! Sprout's (same as Henry's) was having a sale on their bulk cheese. I grabbed a bulk thing of feta for dirt cheap. It's some of the best I've ever had. I was eating it by itself with a fork last night. It was really sweet & creamy, but still had the classic feta "bite" to it.
6. Snapea Crisps. I've enjoyed this since I was introduced to them by Jill Harris many moons ago. They were on sale at Sprout's and I grabbed a bag. The kids really like them for snacks and I like them on my salad (with my Feta!)

7,8 & 9
I know these last three are nail polish, but I had to share each color (Steel Grey, Violet Metal & Sunset Orange). Rimmel nail polish is great polish and I get for either dirt cheap with coupons or even free. I also highly recommend their Top Coat/Base coat**
There you have it. A few things that are making my world go round this week. :)


Mrs. B said...

I just had a salad with feta! Before I put it on my salad, I mixed it with some olive oil, pepper, and basil. SO YUMMY!
I'm glad you had such a relaxing weekend. That sounds wonderful (good job, Cam).

Leigh said...

Same brain!

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