Friday, February 11, 2011

February Stars.

A few of my favorite pictures from this past week.

Starting on the upper left corner & working our way across and down:
1. Mae watches Doctor Who from her throne.
2. Mae & Josiah reading at night before bed.
3. Inside our fort. Mae is about to put a foot to Josiah's head.
4. Gob has a triumphant moment for all orange tabby-cats, he scales our china cabinet.
5. Meaty naps.
6. Earl naps in the kid's tent. Just his nose peeks out.
7. Gob gives me a dirty look since I woke him up while napping.
8. This picture isn't that great (Josiah had just thrown up), but I sent it to my Mom and she reminded me of the times I had been sick and rested my head on that pillow. It's a very helpful little head rest. :)


a. said...

Hey! Love the background on this, so cute! I added your link to my blog!

The Brewer Family said...

Thanks! I'll add you to my links! :)

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